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20x30 fine art print on linen. 

GatorBait is the 1st in the series #BEFOREDEMGROW. The series is a protest and examination of the pervasive and continued violence physically and psychologically against black bodies. The idea was born out of just being tired of another story of a black boy, girl, man, woman dying as a result of widespread accepted systemic racism. Another hashtag! I chose to focus on red, gold, black and white. Bright red for new blood, dark red for old blood, black for black skin, white is the stark contrast and opposite/opposition and the outlining of dead bodies in chalk, gold is for greatness and the striking out of the negatives. Each is named after a negative term used to label and kill the spirit of a black person. Gator Bait is a nod to the actual use of black babies as aligator bait in the early 1900s in America. 

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