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About the artist:

Aisha was born and raised in Bridgeport, Ct., currently a Reads Artspace member and resident. She holds a bachelor's in art therapy and is a certified special education teacher and teaching artist. She works in mixed media painting, collage and photography.  She combines a love of color and texture, often working fabrics, and paper into her pieces as well as using paint and ink. Her work concerns itself mainly with the feeling, color and spiritual vibrancy of the composition. Aisha is very inspired culturally being an African Diasporan woman of Costa Rican descent and by street art, especially the free forms and colors found in the styles and calligraphic movements. Aisha began exhibiting her art in 2010. Since stepping into the arts she has curated multiple large scale exhibits at Reads Artspace, exhibited nationally and internationally. She has also served as a curator at BLENDS gallery in Bridgeport from 2017-2019. 


Albertus Magnus 

Southern CT State Univ. 

Bachelor of Arts /concentration  Art Therapy 

Graduate certification in Comprehensive Special Education 

Master's in Science / School of Education


  • The Peace Project 2009

  • Spectrum of Colors 2010 

  • City Lights Gallery (multiple exhibits) 

  • Curator for Beautiful Crime exhibits 2011 & 2014, Bridgeport,Ct 

  • Urban Beautification Project (mural) Bridgeport , Ct 2012

  • Artist-Choose-Artist at Read’s Artspace 2012 & 2013

  • Art in the Windows & Traffic Graphics (public art) / Norwalk Arts 2014

  • Black Joy exhibit at the National Black Theater/ Harlem 2018

  • Co -curator at BLENDS Gallery / Bridgeport 2017-2019

  • Curator for Obsidian Colored Glass: introspection on black life 2017 & 2018

  • Black Lives Matter Mural Stamford 2020

  • Sbai Palace/ Mwasi Creative Community Artist Residency, M’hamid, Morocco 2021

  • Freeman Sisters Mural, Bridgeport, Ct 2021

  • Ct Artists Responds grant recipient 2021

  • Aflct & ArtsWestchester Teaching Artist 

  • BPT 200 Majestic Theater Mural 

  • Colorful Bridgeport Public Art - B'Port Gates 2022

  • Aqua Art Miami 2022

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